Have you ever taken the time to just sit back, lose bias, put your life on the back burner leaving
no distractions, and read for hours or days just for your own spiritual education? That has been
my basic life for many years to the point where I will read the same over and over just as
reading the Bible; therefore when Revelation 12:9 says this whole world has been deceived,
how can we learn truth from error? The only answer is an active faith through following
instruction within over 31,000 verses in the Bible, and according to scripture I have been
sharing for many years, deception worldwide is very true along with over two billion Christians
thinking because they are saved, and all knowing, they need nothing more – when in truth, their
mislead in many ways is the greatest.
Timesoftrouble is a man according to John 15:19, thus completely disassociated from this
world with no other life spiritually speaking - therefore looking always to Yehovah to direct his
paths as instructed in Proverbs 3:6; thus everything shared, such as this informative article, has
great truth mixed with some error that can only be spiritually discerned by those given
knowledge; and the same holds true through all religions of Christianity filled and overflowing
with mixed doctrines that over 2 billion Christians believe according to their own church being
only an illusion when truth has been revealed from Yehovah’s Spiritual Realm being not of this
world - and for any seeking additional untaught truths, the links supplied shall answer many
questions when diligently studied regarding scripture.
The Cross
"The sign of the cross, represented in its simplest
form by a crossing of two lines at right angles,
greatly antedates in both the East and West to the
introduction of Christianity. It goes back to a very
remote period of human civilization".
- Catholic Encyclopedia.
The acclaimed Cross at a 90° right angle has been one
of the most ancient and exalted human ideograms of the
Sun throughout the world and has been celebrated as a
symbol of life not only to Christians, but also to the
Hindus, the Buddhists, the Greeks, the Amerindians and