Video Regarding Americas Coming Fall Via EMP Explosion
What does Revelation 12:9 mean to you as a Christian? When this question is asked, all the
different answers become endless, why is that?
For most all people everywhere on this earth, their thoughts remain in but two places. 1) is on
themselves which covers all aspects of any individual human life being work, hobbies, interests,
activities, and the uncountable ways of human existence having no end: and 2) is their own
endless beliefs which in pure truth have no spiritual support because of their iniquities in Isaiah
59; and just one example being Christianity alone which has well over 30,000 different views,
doctrines, ways, and traditions -- so when all the different Gods, spirits, angels, demons, atheists,
agnostics, images, antichrists, and everything else crooked has been added -- all that remains is
this divided world of deception which has deceived over 7.3 billion people on this earth through
living as their worldly mind directs; however, to themselves they all know all things - period.
So what is the only answer towards warning a divided, deceived, and misled human race of our
coming destiny in gruesome ways? How can Americans be told the Statue of Liberty represents
the great whore of Babylon? How can over two billion Christians be told what Yehovah speaks
against them all because of their blind shepherds – or even His true sacred name being unknown
to most all? -- yet just as a million other topics being the platform to argue without ears nor
spiritual knowledge.
Just one question; have you been called out of this world through John 15:19 placing your walk
as Colossians 3? Living Bible (TLB)
This video below speaks on a subject I have written about, studied, prayed, and explored;
however, the only possible dates any can set must come from the signs of the times we are now
living in; therefore in my own opinion, the book on survival this video offers at its long 4-sale
end is very off balance because there will be no survival within a nation made desolate – and
there is no rapture.
So know that Russia is very powerful with a strong leader, and also know that an EMP explosion
20 miles high over the center of the United States that totally destroys America’s power grid
source along with everything electronic would surely be the perfect start towards the nation’s
complete violent and crime filled downfall. So you decide while knowing also that YHVH’s
wrath is coming upon a disobedient and backward nation; and He will use American haters like
Isis, Iran, Russia, Muslims and others for trampling, killing, and the elimination of hundreds of
millions in the USA with survivors scattered worldwide as slaves – until YHVH shows them His
promised mercy after they have been severely punished – and all the dead will be resurrected for
judgment during the millennial kingdom – some for life, and many being as the selfish goats in
Matthew 25 for an age-lasting punishment bringing separation from YHVH – but never an
eternal hell which is but another human mistranslated word that has misled most all Christianity
along with much corruption in all Bible versions accompanied the pagan holidays like Christmas
billions take part in worldwide – which is but only one form of iniquity. offers a good choice being many individual reads on various
subjects concerning the major mess America and our entire world civilization is truly in; and
includes worldwide misled Christianity according to the Bible which has left billions not
spiritually prepared for the coming beast in Daniel and Revelation. contact me
There Is Only Two Educations in Life - Worldly or Spiritual