Illuminati History through 2000
King David did not have anything to do with the hexagram, although his
son Solomon did when he began worshipping Ashtoreth (Star, also
known as Astarte, Chiun, Kaiwan, Remphan, and Saturn).
Solomon built altars to Star (Astarte, aka Ashtoreth). The god Saturn is associated with the Star but both
Saturn and Astarte also been identified with a number of other names. Saturn is an important key to
understanding the long heritage this conspiracy has back to antiquity. The city of Rome was originally
known as Saturnia or City of Saturn.
The Roman Catholic church retains much of the Saturn worship in its ritual. Saturn also relates to
Lucifer. In various occult dictionaries Saturn is associated with evil. Saturn was important to the religion
of Mithra, and also the Druids.
This is where Freemasons get there rituals.
The Prieuré de Sion, under the auspices of the Roman Catholic Church, created the
Order of the Knights Templar to protect pilgrims to the Holy Land after the first Crusade.
The Prieuré also claim to be the Guardians of the Holy Grail -- the sacred icon of the
Merovingian bloodline. The Holy Grail or Sangreal blasphemously represents the royal
blood of Jesus as having been preserved in this lineage, which is therefore heir to the
throne in the Temple at Jerusalem. According to another popular Grail book, Bloodline
of the Holy Grail by
Laurence Gardiner, the Merovingian dynasty derives its name from
the 5
century King Merovee of France, a descendant of the mystical Fisher-Kings, who
was reportedly sired by:
". . . the mysterious sea beast -- the Bistea Neptunis -- as symbolically
defined in the Merovingian ancestry. The relevant sea-lord was King
Pallas, a god of old Arcadia…The immortal sea-lord was said to be
’ever-incarnate in a dynasty of ancient kings’ whose symbol was a fish -
as was the traditional symbol of Jesus.
Sir William Sinclair dies. In the 16
century William Sinclair was one of those who
introduced Enochian Magick to Scotland. The Scottish connection in the Watchtower
Society is overpowering. Both the Russell’s and the Rutherford families came from
Scotland as well as MacMillan and many other key early Watchtower leaders. From this
it appears that the Scottish type of Illuminatism
that created the early Watchtower
Society has always practiced Enochian magick
. Knowing the Watchtowers is the key to
Enochian magic. The same type of winged-sun-disk that Charles Taze Russell used
was also used on the Magick. Two phrases that were popular among Satanist’s who
practiced Enochian Magick in Rumli’s day were "Millennial Dawn" and "Golden Age."
Golden Age is another term for the New Age. The New Age is what the Masons call
their magazines. Charles Taze Russell was a Mason. Dirty Watchtower Secrets
We have a warfare between the Council of Trent and the doctrines of the Reformation,
particularly as outlined by John Calvin in his Institutes Of The Christian Religion
. Calvin
[1536] wrote the Institutes Of The Christian Religion, he finished it when he was 27, and
he dedicated it to the King of France. And because the Jesuits so hated him, he was
driven from France and he resided in Geneva to the day of his death, when he became
Governor of Geneva. It’s Calvin and his Institutes Of The Christian Religion vs. Loyola
and his Council of Trent, if you want it sewed-up in two major documents.
Dr. John Dee, Mathematician in the court of Queen Elizabeth I, and Edward Kelley
began their now famous magical experiments contacting spiritual entities, and recording
their communications, conveyed in the Enochian language. Dr. Dee’s efforts furthered
the development of the Enochian system of magick, and his methods of invocation have
been taken up and expounded upon by many magicians since. In fact, Aleister Crowley
is said to have claimed to be the reincarnation of Edward Kelley
. (Complete Enochian
Dictionary: The Angelic Language As Revealed To John Dee & Edward Kelley by
Laycock, Donald C. Publisher: Samuel Weiser, Inc.)
Sir Francis Bacon, beginning in the early 1590’s, began the detailed plans by which
North America would be colonized. He was the supreme adept in the Rosicrucian
Society, and established the super secret Knights of the Helmet [Ibid., p. 123-129], a
society established along the lines of Rosicrucianism. And, finally, Bacon was
responsible for the modern birth of Freemasonry
, as detailed by Masonic author,
George V. Tudhope, in his book, Bacon Masonry , ISBN 1-56459-108-5, reprinted by
Kessinger’s Publishing. Thus, we can see that the occult activities of our original occult
Forefathers mentioned above was merely the outworking of an occult plan originally
conceived "thousands of years before Columbus ever sailed"! Our Masonic forefathers
were merely following the details of the occult plan as envisioned specifically by Sir
Francis Bacon in the 1590’s, operating according to the vision provided him by his
Guiding Spirit.
Prieure de Sion began to display more interest in Scotland. Scotland was one of the few
countries where the Knights Templar’s had thrived when the order was suppressed by
the order of the Pope. Scotland also had several occult traditions operating. It was a
hotbed of occult activity. Scotland and the Scottish people have played a very big role in
the New World Order conspiracy for centuries. The
Merovingian descendents and the
Prieure de Sion have guarded the sacred blood line that Satan has built up. In my
research of high level Satanists, it became clear the bloodline that was key in their
minds was the House of David, not Jesus Christ’s lineage. I discovered that the House
of David had set up a Kingdom in southern France. I discovered this while rummaging
through history books on the Middle Ages. I came upon a book (A Jewish Princedom in
Feudal France 768-900.) This book was the key for me to realize that the Merovingian
dynasty which wove its bloodline into the royal bloods of Europe was Jewish in origin.
When I read Holy Blood Holy Grail, it became apparent that the authors theory of the
Jesus bloodline had clouded their realization that the key was that the Prieure de Sion
was of the House of David and was in this sense Jewish (although most of the Prieure
de Sion are most likely not attending synagogues). Indeed the Grand Master of the
Prieure de Sion Pierre Plantard de Saint Clair told them as much. To quote the pertinent
paragraph from (The Messianic Legacy, p. 296,)
"At our meeting in April, 1982, M. Plantard adopted an ambivalent
attitude towards our book (Holy Blood, Holy Grail). On the whole, he
endorsed it and offered to correct, for the French edition, certain vague
or unclear references. At the same time, he would neither confirm nor
deny our thesis that the Merovingian bloodline was descended from
The goals of Freemasonry are intertwined with the goals of the Prieure de Sion. There
is a big danger in labeling the conspiracy "Jewish". When people label "jewish" as "bad"
it confuses more than clarifies. The Jewish people are not the enemy.
The Phelps family of Virginia is related to the Collins. The Phelps family arrived in Mass.
in 1630 and became a prominent family in the Skull & Bones. In fact, the Taft family
(President Taft) which dates back to Braintree Mass. helped start the
Skull & Bones
Order and at least eight Taft’s have been in the Order.
William Patterson (born c. 1655 in Scotland) was the evil genius behind the
establishment of the Bank of England. It is strongly believed that he was a trader in New
York in 1668-69 and that prior to this he had worked with the pirate Morgan
, who
operated in the New Netherlands area. Witchcraft was part of some people’s lives in
New Netherlands, but the colony was far more lenient toward them than in the Puritan
colony in Massachusetts. The last Dutch governor of New Netherlands, Gov. Peter
Stuyvesant’s sister-in-law was suspected of witchcraft, but acquitted. Ralph Hall of
Seatalcott, Long Island and his wife were the only ones seriously tried of witchcraft in
New Amsterdam and they were acquitted.
Many ex-Nazis and elite industrialists have made their homes in the Garderen-Putten
area of the Netherlands. The Bilderbergers are building a super hotel conference center
near this area. One of the companies involved in building the hotel is the Nazi family of
Nachanius. The Belgium-Dutch connection to the Illuminati
is not trivial. The Dutch
William of Orange deposed English King James II in the fighting of 1688-91. That is
significant, because it appears that Illuminati financial headquarters were in Amsterdam
prior to William of Orange’s victory. After that victory they moved to London. One only
has to note how important Brussels has been to the
New World Order to realize that the
lowlands of Belgium and the Netherlands continue to be important for the elite. For
instance, the Beast--the supercomputer which is notified within seconds of every
financial transaction you carry on at an ATM is located in Brussels. If the Van Duyn
were indeed one of the top 13 families it might break open some big clues to
understanding the Belgium connections and elements within the Illuminati.
The McDonalds and MacDonalds (and some of the Donalds) are descendents from
King Somerled. King Somerled helped expel the Vikings (Norsemen) from Scotland.
King Somerled’s son was Ranald and Ranald’s son was named Donald
. The grandson
then became Argus Mor McDonald (mac means "son of") Argus’s grandson married
MacRorie and became Lordship of the Isles. The McDonalds were the chiefs of that
area. Families that sought their protection sometimes took their name too. So it is not
inconceivable that some of the Knights Templar bloodlines ended up one way or the
other as McDonald. The powerful McDonald of Glencoe lived in Glencoe until the 1692
massacre by the English government against Francis Stewart sympathizers. Francis
Stewart was the Grand Master of the witchcraft covens in that area of Scotland. and the
McDonalds were supporters of him. Also in the 17
century the McDonalds were forced
to participate with others in piracy.
Sara Aynn Collins (bn. c. 1730) was deeply attracted to the occult. Her family was a
generational Witchcraft/Satanic family, but many of them wanted to abandon the occult.
Besides not wanting to leave the old family traditions of witchcraft, Sara
did not want to
marry the man her father tried to sell her to. Neither the arranged marriage nor forsaking
witchcraft was for Sara. She went to Scotland to get to the heart of learning the occult
and became a leader in the oldest form of Wicca, the Elven Path
. (Other traditional
types of Wicca in the U.S. come from Ireland, Wales, and Greece.) After the American
Revolution she left Scotland skilled in occult power, and came back to the United
States, where she formed the first Covendom of Wicca
. She and her brother were
powerful Wiccans, and their descendants are the main group of Collins that practice
Wicca and Satanism.
A wild woman stabbed Sara Aynn Collins to death in a Boston store. What you have just
received is the important link in tracing the
Satanic Collins bloodline. Sara Aynn Collins
(and there were several Sarah Ann Collins in her day it seems the name appealed to
the Collins family) is in turn a descendent of Francis Collins of the 17
century. Francis
was the head of the family when it came over from England. The Todd family seems to
have Satanic undertones to it, even in the days just after the Revolutionary War. For
instance, John Jacob Astor married Sarah Todd who had a fair amount of money
attached to her. The Todd surname is not an extremely common name until one begins
researching the conspiracy, and then it pops up with frequency.
The biographies of the DuPont family usually begin with the marriage of Samuel DuPont
to Anne Alexandrine Montechanin in 1737 in Paris, France. Although Anne was a
Huguenot, she was a medium with the spirit world. Anne came from an ancient noble
family that lived in Burgandy, France. It is quite possible that it was Anne’s bloodline
that gave the DuPonts their occult power. Anne’s bloodline may possibly tie in to the
House of David
. At any rate, Samuel and Anne’s son was the first DuPont to rise to
greatness, and the first DuPont that can be connected directly to the Illuminati. Samuel
and Anne’s son was Pierre Samuel DuPont
. Later Pierre Samuel added de Nemours to
his name to prevent confusion between him and other French legislatures named
Dupont. Pierre Samuel DuPont was a genius. Pierre’s mother taught him to be a
medium with spirits, but early on Pierre had to deny it publicly. His father Samuel could
not understand the boy’s genius, such as his ability at age 12 to translate Greek and
Latin at sight.
Pierre Samuel DuPont’s mother dies when he is 16. Pierre no longer had a parent in the
family who could understand him, and after getting one of his frequent beatings from his
father, he ran away, and was spared near starvation by his Uncle Pierre de Monchantin
Initially, Pierre was a watchmaker. But within a short time he attracted the attention of
several top Illuminati for his ability to write good tracts, and articles that advocated
various economic and political views that they wanted promoted. Pierre Joined the
Freemasons, and at some point was illuminized, as most of the French lodges became.
Although Pierre went through severe financial difficulties after the French Revolution, he
regularly made payments to Masonic organizations in France. Besides being friends
with all the famous Masons of the time, one Mason brother of his, worthy of note is the
French astronomer Lalande, who helped hide him during the revolution.
Someone very powerful protected Pierre Samuel during the French Revolution, this is
hinted at by historian Pierre Jolly, although Jolly never gives his protector’s name. I
believe he was protected because DuPont was part of the Inner Satanic hierarchy. He
was also protected by the daughter of Swiss financier Jacques Necker. This daughter
was Madame Germalne de Stael. The Madame was a close friend of Pierre Samuel and
she operated a famous salon/cathouse. Madame de Stael was nothing less than an
intimate friend of St. Simon
. She shared his occult revolutionary ideas. Henri de St.
Simon was a student and friend of Jacques Rigomer Bazin who was associated with the
Inner circle of several occult based revolutionary groups during Pierre DuPont’s time in
France. St. Simon was the author of The New Christianity which foreshadowed the
creation of international communism
Pierre Samuel DuPont’s second year of marriage to Made Le Dee. Victor Marie DuPont
was born with the Marquis de Mirabeau
as his godfather. Victor Marie DuPont (1767-
1827) was an aide-de-camp to Illuminatus Lafayette
from 1789-1792. Whether Victor
was a Mason in France before the family came to the United States in 1800, I do not
know. Victor Marie DuPont soon got involved in Freemasonry in the United States after
Necker along with Lafayette would later loan Pierre Samuel DuPont large sums of
money for him to try out his schemes in business and in forming a communist society.
It’s interesting that the Physiocrats journal was Les Ephemerides du Citoyen’s. The title
has astrological occult undertones. On Jan. 1, 1769 Pierre Samuel DuPont took over
the journal’s management. He became a key leader in France advocating a new order.
Pierre Samuel DuPont believed in Plato
’s idea of government which included a
philosopher king. Pierre Samuel was deist. He spoke of "God" but he meant nature’s
deistic God, not a personal God. He believed nature was a higher God than his
mechanical deist "God". ( If you will read all the Alien Encounters and abductions
, when
they are asked if they believe in God their response is the same. As in nature, or the
universe is God, not a Spiritual God.)
Notice, that Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence also wrote nature’s God. This
is because the deists like Jefferson and DuPont believed Nature was the highest God.
The ambiguity of meaning has permitted people to think Jefferson was referring the
Christian God in the Declaration of Independence. It is a common occurrence that
Christians assume that others who use words that they use, think like the Christians.
Even today, many New Agers have an easy task to show Christians. For instance they
just say, "I believe in Christ." The Masonic reference book 10.000 Famous Freemasons
put out by the Missouri Lodge of Research provides this about Pierre Samuel DuPont:
"When 23 he published two pamphlets on finances, which attracted the attention of the
celebrated Quesnay. He then expounded the doctrines of Quesnay’s school, "the
Benjamin Franklin, born in Boston. Was one of the diplomats chosen to negotiate peace
with Great Britain, and who helped draft the Declaration of Independence, one of the 56
who signed this document, and was instrumental in achieving the adoption of the U.S.
Constitution. Was also a Mason. Was also a member of the Collins family of Satanists
who called themselves the Hell Fire Club. Benjamin Franklin
and Thomas Jefferson
were members of this purely Satanic group who practiced satanic sexual occult rituals.
1776 Dec.
Benjamin Franklin, a key leader of several secret occult fraternal groups was also a
close friend of Pierre Samuel DuPont. When Benjamin Franklin arrived Dec. 1776 in
France, one of the first people he sought out to visit with was Pierre Samuel DuPont.
During the next year after that, DuPont was a frequent visitor to Franklin’s residence in
the village of Passy.
The Illuminati formed a committee entitled the Biblical Destruction Group. This
committee disbanded 50 years later. To Eliminate the Opiate" (out of print) by Rabbi
Baron Von Steuben, born in Magdeburg, Prussia. German officer who proved
indispensable to the cause of U.S. independence by converting the Revolutionary Army
into a disciplined fighting force. While in France as agents of the newly formed U.S.
government, Benjamin Franklin
, and Silas Deane, learned of Steuben’s plight that he
had been obliged to leave for unsavory conduct, from Hohenzollern Hechingen, where
he was made a knight of the Order of Fidelity in the neighboring margravate of Baden
and Durlach, which brought about his availability. This prompted a letter of introduction,
from Benjamin Franklin, and Silas Deane on his behalf, introducing him to Gen.George
Washington as a "Lieut Gen. in the King of Prussia’s service," who was fired with " Zeal
for our cause. Confirmed Mason.
Lafayette. French noble who fought with the American colonist against the British in the
American Revolution. Appointed a major general by the colonist, he quickly struck up a
lasting friendship with the American commander in chief, George Washington.
Confirmed Mason and Illuminati.
Pierre Samuel DuPont expected to sit with Benjamin Franklin at the treaty table in Paris,
but John Adams got the Americans to sign a treaty with Britain without France’s
involvement. Alexander Hamilton
, whose role in the conspiracy is now known, was
DuPont’s lawyer in the U.S. The United States is still a British Colony
George Washington, 1
President of the United States (F) Confirmed Mason. Also a
member of the Knights Of The Garter
. Order of the Garter is the core leader of the
Committee Of 300. Washington was a member of the Scottish rite, performed the ’Rite
of the Mystic Tie’ in a cave-complex near Winchester Virginia during the French and
Indian war. (Masonic Assassination, Michael Anthony Hoffman pg. 4)"The United States
is in no manner founded on Christian principle." (George Washington Treaty of Tripoli)
No Vice Presidents at this time. George Washington Nominated 11 Supreme Court
Justices. 6 out of 11 were Confirmed Masons.
1793 Nov.
The Duc d’Orleans, Grand Master of the Grand Orient of France, that is head of all the
French masons, along with two other key Masons Talleyrand and Mirabeau started the
Jacobins. According to the book (The War of the Antichrist with the Church, a book
made from the lectures of George Dillon. Dublin, Ireland: M.H. Gill & Son, 1885) where
Dillon lectures on the French Revolution he states that both Talleyrand and Mirabeau
were key Illuminati. The name of the original lodge of the Jacobins was changed to Club
Breton and then Jacobin Club. The Jacobins were basically an illuminized type of
Freemasonry. The President of the Jacobin Club was the Freemason Georges Jacques
Danton, who was a member of the famous and powerful Nine Sisters Lodge (nine
sisters or nine muses is what the Pleiades is called.) Lafayette was a Jacobin, as well
as the key players in the French Revolution. A very secret body of 300 key Freemasons
ruled France secretly during this period according to the (Autobiography of Wolfe Tone.
pub. by R. Barry O’Brien, 1893).
Robespierre, was both a Freemason and an illuminatus. In fact, he was both a disciple
of Weishaupt and Rousseau. Prussian Baron Anacharsis Clootz was also a Freemason
and illuminatus. He also was a disciple of Weishaupt and understood better what
Weishaupt was trying to accomplish. If one studies what these men taught you will
discover it is what was later known as Socialism and Communism. The original idea for
all the French Revolution started with the Satanic hierarchy. In Nov. 1793, the true
colors of this Satanic inspired business can be seen in the campaign against religion,
where anyone who was a priest in France was killed, and the Illuminati posted one of Its
motto’s in public "Death is an eternal sleep." Eyewitnesses testify that Satan has a very
detailed plan which he entrusts to his very select few at the top. Much of what seems
coincidence and unrelated is actually according to a very clever (diabolical) plan.
Eleuthere lrenee DuPont was a major printer for the Jacobins
. He was a convinced
Deist and worshipped nature too.
Henri de St. Simon wrote The Globe and The Reorganization of the European
Community laying out ideas and plans for European unity. Saint Simon suggested in the
early 1800’s that the date 2000 be the target date for the New World Order. In order to
rearrange the world into the New Order, a number of items and stages needed to occur.
1. Two canals, one through the Suez and one through Panama were
needed they said to create "Interdependence" between the nations.
They also suggested a high dam on the Nile.
2. They suggested the technological transformation of the earth, and
the biological creation of a new, androgynous humanoid
. Progress
would be brought about by a series of revolutions. (Study from Fire in
The Minds of Men by James H. Billington) to understand how the occult
fraternities have created all the revolutions since the French revolution.
St. Simon, an Illuminatus
, wanted to have a child with Madame de Stall
which would become the anti-Christ
. It didn’t happen.
The next financial break for John Astor came when two men who are now known to
have been in the Illuminati gave John Jacob Astor a special government privilege. The
two men were Pres. Jefferson and Secretary Gallatin, both Illuminati members. The
United States government had placed an embargo on all U.S. ships from sailing with
goods in 1807. But Astor got special permission from these two men for his ship to sail
with its cargo. His ship sailed and made close to a $200,000 profit in that day’s money.
His fur trade business was the most scrupulous run business there was. When
employees of John Jacob Astor would trap for or trade furs with the Astor fur houses,
they were paid with letters of credit. Then Astor would send out agents to ambush and
kill them, so that the Astor Fur Company could save money. The deaths were blamed
on Indians. Zachary Taylor stated,
"Take the American Fur Company in the aggregate, and they are the
greatest scoundrels the world ever knew."
(O’Connor, Harvey. The Astor’s p.44)
John Jacob Astor strangely profited greatly from the War of 1812, which crippled almost
all the other American shippers. Astor also worked together with George Clinton,
another member of the Illuminati, on land deals. British intelligence worked for the
Committee of 300 and for the Thirteen Top Families, it is interesting then, that John
Coleman who had access as an intelligence agent to secret documents, discovered that
the original John Jacob Astor was also a British secret agent. The Thirteen Families
have very intimate roles with the American and British intelligence cults. Three of his
relatives were captains on clipper ships. He had connections in London to the
Backhouse family.
De Wit Clinton, loosing Presidential candidate for Presidency (F) DeWitt Clinton, who
was associated with the Illuminati very early in the history of the United States. George
Clinton, vice president to Thomas Jefferson, was De Wit Clintons Uncle.
(1815 -1891)
Sir John A. McDonald - 1
Prime Minister of Canada, Freemason, Knight of the Order of
Bath, Knights Templar, and member Lafayette Royal Arch Chapter, of Wash. D.C.
Jehovah’s Witnesses trace their origins to the nineteenth century Adventist movement
in America. That movement began with William Miller, a Baptist lay preacher whom, in
the year 1816, began proclaiming that Christ would return in 1843. His predictions of the
Second Coming or Second Advent captured the imagination of thousands in Baptist and
other mainline churches. Perhaps as many as 50,000 followers put their trust in Miller’s
chronological calculations and prepared to welcome the Lord, while, as the appointed
time approached, others watched nervously from a distance. Recalculations moved the
promised second advent from March 1843 to March, 1844, and then to October of that
year. Alas, that date too passed uneventfully. The Branch Davidians
who died at Waco,
Texas, under the leadership of David Koresh also trace their roots to the same Millerite
source through a different line of descent. A Short History of the Watchtower
A bit prior, John Jacob Astor entered into the fur trade and remained the biggest player
in the fur trade until he got out of it in 1834. Over the years, he had managed to build up
a monopoly. How he managed to push everyone else out is a good question. Bear in
mind, white people had been trapping furs in the New World for several centuries, and
the Indians for who knows how long. Then this guy Astor comes along and in a few
years totally owns the whole industry! Again this could only have happened, because
the occult power of this Astor family gave them the right. Obviously, others in the
Committee of 300
had to step aside, if his position in the hierarchy had not given Astor
the right, believe me the other families that originally controlled the fur trade would have
gotten rid of Astor. One result of his fur company, was that Astoria, a city in Oregon was
John Jacob Astor publicly quit running opium to China. John Coleman in his good book
The Conspirator’s Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300, p. 131 notes,
"John Jacob Astor made a huge fortune out of the China opium trade
.... it was the Committee of 300 who chose who would be allowed to
participate in the fabulously lucrative China opium trade, through its
monopolistic BEIC, and the beneficiaries of their larges remained
forever wedded to the Committee of 300."
Interestingly another Top 13 family, the Russell’s, was also one of the lucky ones to get
a slice of the China opium trade.
After the Bavarian illuminati were exposed, the central occult power over the European
secret societies shifted to Carbonarism
a.k.a. the Alta Vendita, led by another powerful
Rothschild, Karl Rothschild, son of Amschel. In 1818, Karl participated in a secret
document that was sent out to the head-quarters of Masonry from the Alta Vendita. The
Masons were quite distressed when a copy of this was lost, and offered rewards to
anyone who could return the lost copy. It was originally written in Italian. Its title
translates "Permanent Instructions, or Practical Code of Rules; Guide for the Heads of
the Highest Grades of Masonry."
Because the Rothschild’s were Satanists they adopted this powerful magic (hexagram)
symbol in 1822 for their coat-of-arms. The name they adopted for their family actually
comes from the fact that in the 17
century Mayer Amschel Bauer began hanging out a
red hexagram in front of their house to identify it. Mayer Amschel then decided to take
the name red-schield
(Rothschild in German) after the red Seal of Solomon that they
Henry Clay, loosing Presidential candidate for Presidency (DR) Confirmed Mason.
Henry Clay was Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky and Grand Orator for
the G.L. 1806-09. Very good friends to the Illuminati DuPont’s. The DuPont’s were
already one of the primary top families, it is rumored that Clay was coming to them for
guidance on how to steer the nation. The DuPont’s played a role in the building of the
American capital, which was laid out and constructed with numerous occult patterns.
Samuel Francis DuPont married his cousin Sophie Madeleine DuPont. Much to the
delight of the DuPont’s. The DuPont’s had family council where even the women had
voting rights. The DuPont’s, like the Rothschild’s helped set up their children’s
marriages, and many of the early ones were to cousins. James Bidderman, the son of
Evelina DuPont Bidderman, went to France and his decedents would give the DuPont’s
a lineage in France. One of the families that Intermarried and were close friends with
the DuPont’s was the Cazenoves family. Both families were close friends with Thomas
Jefferson and Albert Gallatin, I have concluded that both Thomas Jefferson and Albert
Gallatin were Illuminati. Further, I discovered in a forty volume set on American
Statesmen in vol. 13, p.386 that Albert Gallatin claimed to be descended from the
ancient Roman Consul Callatinus. Incredible as it may seem, the black nobility have
kept track of their bloodlines.
The same people ruling the world today are in many ways the descendants of the rulers
in past ages. Antoine Charles Cazenove, born in Geneva, Sw. was a business partner
with Albert Gallatin. During the War of 1812, the DuPont gunpowder factory since it was
the primary American powder company was the known target for the British to destroy.
However, the British never attacked it. The DuPont’s had organized a local militia called
the Brandywine Rangers. Interestingly, their militia flag was a beehive on white silk.
Lafayette visited the DuPont’s in Delaware the summer of 1825. Another important
Mason who would visit the DuPont’s was Henry Clay who was the American Secretary
of State and head of the Whig party. Henry Clay was Grand Master of the Grand Lodge
of Kentucky and Grand Orator for the G. L. 1806-09. He was one of the Freemasons
involved in a high level meeting that used the U.S. Senate Chambers on Mar. 9, 1822
for their meeting. If the DuPont’s were already one of the primary top families, it may
well be Clay was coming to them for guidance on how to steer the nation. The DuPont’s
played a role to in the building of the American capital, which was laid out and
constructed with numerous occult patterns.
1835 July 3
According to the Documentary History of the Church (DHC) 2:235, it was on July 3,
1835 when Michael Chandler "came to Kirtland (OH) to exhibit some Egyptian
mummies." According to the record, "There were four human figures, together with
some two or more rolls of papyrus covered with hieroglyphic figures and devices."
Chandler’s display so intrigued
the Mormons living in Kirtland that they told the traveling
showman how their prophet, Joseph Smith, had the ability to translate the papyri. In
doing so, Smith proclaimed
"that one of the roles contained the writings of Abraham, another the
writings of Joseph of Egypt"
(Documentary History of the Church (DHC) 2:236).
According to the preface to the Book of Abraham, Smith believed his document was
actually written by Abraham’s "own hand written upon papyrus."
MRM - Inventing the
Book of Abraham
Zevi Hirsch Kalischer approached Rothschild and proposed Rothschild buy all of Erez
Israel. It took many years for the Rothschild’s to finally create Israel. The Rothschild’s
have been a primary force behind the creation of Israel, and so it is appropriate that the
nation carries their magical Seal of Solomon as the state logo. The Ultra-orthodox Jews
in Israel will not serve in the Israeli army because they know that Almighty God was not
behind the creation of modern Israel, but rather the rich ungodly apostate Jews. They
refuse to serve the ungodly. They are more wiser than men like Jerry Falwell who run
around proclaiming Israel is God’s nation. Men like Falwell are the type that this Author
finds reference to repeatedly in Jewish documents that speak of their power within the
Fundamentalists. God is ultimately in charge, he has allowed Hitler to come to power,
Stalin to come to power, and the Rothschild’s to come to power. In the same sense that
God rules over and blessed Stalin’s Russia, he rules over America and Israel.
1839-1858 Switzerland
Jonas Furrer, 1839 Leader of the Zurich Liberals. 1842-1846,Vice President of the
Swiss Confederation. 1846-1858. President of the Swiss Confederation four times.
Confirmed Mason.
John Anderson Collins. He was intimately involved with the Illuminati plots involving
Unitarians/Rosicrucians/Masons which created militant abolitionists who intended to
wage war against the south. He worked with William Loyd Garrison. For a full expose on
this the reader should study my chapter on the Unitarian church in Be Wise As
John Anderson Collins was a socialist (forerunner of what is known as
communism). He attempted several communist social experiments beginning in the
1840s. The importance of how this all connects to the occult and the Illuminati can be
appreciated by reading (Fire in The Minds of Men by James Billington.)
William Collins Whitney was born. (d.1904) William was the power behind Pres
Cleveland, who was his puppet. He also directed a group of powerful important
capitalists called the Whitney Group. Further, the Collins blood of the Whitney’s went
into the Payne family. William Married Flora Payne. The Payne family has been a big
part of the Rockefellers and Standard Oil. (It is a small world at the top.) William and his
two sons are the core of the Whitney influence in the
Order of the Skull & Bones.
1. Harry Payne Whitney. And now the Collins blood of the Whitney’s went into the