Adoption Agreement
Robin’s Nest of Indy, Inc.
Animal Care Group
Indianapolis, IN
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In order for Robin’s Nest of Indy to allow me to adopt a pet, I am signing below to show that I agree to the
1. I understand that the pet I am adopting is a “rescue animal,” and that while Robin’s Nest of Indy
believes the animal has no serious medical or behavior problems, it is possible that a problem may
exist and not be apparent, or the stress of changing homes may cause a problem to develop that
affects me, my family members or my other pets.
2. I agree to accept my new pet "as is" and, to the fullest extent permitted by law, WITHOUT
GUARANTEES OR WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, either express or implied, including warranties of
merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. I accept the risk of bringing such a “rescue animal”
into my home and agree to hold Robin’s Nest of Indy and any store in which I adopted the pet harmless
from any problem that may develop or claim that may be made. I agree this paragraph applies no
matter what I may have been told.
3. If this animal has not been spayed/neutered, I agree to have it spayed/neutered before it reaches four
months of age or as soon as my veterinarian sees fit and agrees to. I agree to cooperate with Robin’s
Nest of Indy in verifying that the animal has been spayed/neutered as required by this agreement.
4. I also understand that Indiana law requires that an animal be vaccinated against rabies by the time it
is four months old, and I agree to have this done if my pet has not yet been vaccinated against rabies.
5. I agree to provide proper food, suitable living conditions and all necessary medical treatment,
including yearly vet visits and recommended vaccinations, for this pet.
6. I agree not to allow the animal to be used for breeding, experimental, inhumane or illegal purposes.
7. If the pet I am adopting is a cat or kitten, I agree that I will not under any circumstance have the claws
removed from the cat’s or kitten’s paws.
Adoption Facilitator: