Statement of Adherence
Each parent/guardian, student, administration and faculty are expected to read the Regina
Mater Statues and Handbook in order to be familiar with school policies, programs, and
Regina Mater lives out of the calling to educate and form families into saints for our time, who
stand in the service of the Church and help renew the world in Christ. We take our orientation
from the thought, life, pedagogy and praxis of Fr. Joseph Kentenich. His charism marks the
institution: profound love for Christ and his Mother, love for the Church, deep childlike love
and obedience to the Heavenly Father.
With Bernard of Clairvaux, Fr. Joseph Kentenich understood the Blessed Mother as the surest,
shortest and safest way to God. As the firstborn daughter of the Father, the one who was
pre-redeemed and fully redeemed, it is her specific task to lead us with Christ, in the Holy
Spirit to the Father. Mary is the chosen instrument in the hand of God to bear Christ, to give
birth to him and stand at his side in the work of redemption. Our spirituality is ultimately
Trinitarian and, therefore, patro-centric.
Regina Mater is, and shall always remain, a Catholic institution dedicated to educating and
forming families through childlike spirituality into saints for our time, who stand in the service
of the Church and help renew the world in Christ.
These statutes are an authentic reflection of the charism of Father Joseph Kentenich. They
draw upon the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, the wisdom of the Church Fathers, as
well as proven academic research. Each Trustee, officer, faculty member and student of Regina
Mater, as well as such other employees and agents of Regina Mater as may be specified by
resolution of the Board of Trustees, shall fully and enthusiastically subscribe to these statutes.
We have read and agree to uphold all the pillars and principles contained in
the Regina Mater Statutes and Handbook.
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