Fort Worth Independent School District
Parental Permission Form and Release from Claims
During the school year we will be taking some field trips. These trips may be walking trips in the
neighborhood or a bus trip within the city or to nearby communities. We are asking for you to sign
one (1) permission and release form for the year. You will be notified each time before a trip is to
be taken.
has my permission to accompany his/her teacher or other supervisory personnel on field trips
authorized by the Fort Worth Independent School District (FWISD) during the 2016-2017 school
year. I hereby waive and release all claims against the FWISD and any teacher, employee, or any
other person engaged in field trips during the school year and agree to hold them harmless from
any and all liability relating to my above named son/daughter for any personal injury or illness that
may be suffered or any loss of property that may occur to my child.
Signed at Fort Worth, Texas, on this day of , year
Signature of Parent/Guardian Telephone No