Some of the
opportunities listed a re
gre at ways to start a
career. Oth e rs are
oppo rtunities to gain
new expe rience and
insight, both ab out
you rself and your world,
before you decide
where you want your
life to go. All of this
can be done while
makin g a difference.
And, re m ember, these
are just a handful o f th e
oppo rtunities out the re.
You can make a
positive im pact.
Our Mission
Our mission is two-
fold: educate all youth
about peaceful options for
serving their country,
finding adventure, financing
education and job training;
educate and empower all
youth with information
about the reality of military
life and the military's
unfulfilled promises and
Americorps NCCC
offers a variety of seasonal, 10-
month commitment opportunities
providing services to areas that
have been struck by natural and
other disasters. Americorps can
provide hands on experience in
conservation and energy
conservation among other things.
offers opportunities to volunteer on
organic farms in exchange for room
and board. Provides a means to
learn about organic lifestyles and
sustainable farming.
Angelic Organics
is a learning center that offers
hands-on training for experienced
and entry level farmers. They also
host training event workshops,
farming business courses, training
resources, and networking
Solar Ready
offers wind turbine installation
training, solar panel installation
training, and training in building
your own solar panel. They also
offer a LEED Green Certification
Prep program. This is a possible
a first step to a career making a
positive impact and responding to
energy needs.
Green Corps Chicago
offers horticultural instruction,
plant materials and technical
assistance to organizations who
garden in a public space
including schools. This is a great
learning opportunity that could
become a career.
Harper Environmental Science
offers classes that explore
environmental topics such as:
Principles of Sustainable Design,
Environmental Health Practice,
Environmental Toxicology, Solar
Power and Generation Systems,
Access to Health: The Green
Edition, Solar Entrepeneurship,
Wind Power for Home and Small
Wanxiang Solar
offers training opportunities in the
field of renewable energy. This
includes: electric power solar
energy panels, Wanxiang electric
vehicles, polymer lithium batteries,
renewable energy business
planning, and solar.
Military recruiters tell students that
military service will make the world a
better place. This sense of purpose is
enticing; who doesn’t want to have a
positive impact? Obviously, there are
other ways, like working to better our
environment. Green jobs may be one of
the most positive possible occupations.