Dear Client,
This letter is to advise you of the potential difficulty of filing an income tax return with your
specific type of income as a household employee. Household employee wages are often
misunderstood by the IRS. While we have an excellent record of helping to prove the facts of such
cases when examined by the IRS, we believe it is important that you know that the chance of having
to prove your income, dependents, and any other facts relating to your return, is higher than a return
with a standard W-2 from a normal employer. These issues, and the fact that we are more likely to
have to spend additional time representing you regarding your return, are the reason your cost of tax
preparation is higher than what might be expected for an individual with a standard W-2 from a
normal employer. Additionally, we expect you to help provide additional information as reasonably
requested by the IRS to complete processing your return. For our part, we promise to do all we can
to assist in the process and provide guidance as to how to most effectively and efficiently
accomplish it.
Thank you for trusting us with your business. We will always work to provide excellent service and
help in any way we can.
Matt McLean
By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the foregoing, and agree to do my
part in providing accurate and complete information to the best of my ability.
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