GAFSP Private Sector Window
Investing for Impact
November 8, 2016
Program Overview
Public Sector Window
Administered by: World Bank
Funding: US$1,221 Million
Donors: 9 donors (Australia, Canada,
the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,
Germany, Ireland, Korea, Spain, UK,
and US)
Overview: Provides grant funding
directly to sovereign governments in
accordance with country’s macro
strategy. Launched 2010
Private Sector Window
Managed by: IFC
Funding: US$356 Million
Donors: 6 donors (Netherlands,
Canada, Japan, UK, US, Australia)
Overview: Provides investment and
advisory services to eligible private
sector companies in agribusiness, in
conjunction with IFC’s investments.
Re-Launched in 2012.
GAFSP is a multilateral mechanism designed to assist in the implementation of
pledges made by the G-20 governments to help the world’s poorest countries
reduce poverty and improve rural livelihoods and food security.