Service Pledge
Recognizing the value of customer satisfaction to future business, we pledge our support to S&H
Remodeling customer service goals & confirm our intention to provide exceptional customer
service including:
o Warranting all work for one year. One-year warranty time frame begins once the home is turned
over to the client and repairs are 100% completed.
o Two years for electric, plumbing and HVAC.
o Completing all warranty work discovered during the warranty period and associated with
original scope of work.
o Calling ahead to make appointments with the tenant for performance of work orders, even if the
work is on the home’s exterior.
o Being on time for appointments. If delays occur, call to let the tenant know and reschedule if
o Parking in the street rather than on the tenant’s driveway.
o Maintaining a professional appearance and manner.
o Identifying S&H Remodeling and our company to the homeowner upon arrival.
o Removing our shoes when performing interior work.
o No smoking on the property of the homeowner.
o Having all materials and tools necessary to complete the work, scheduling it immediately.
o Cleaning up any dust, debris, or scraps left by the work we perform.
o Excusing ourselves rather than becoming involved in a disagreement with the tenant and
reporting such circumstances to a S&H Remodeling Project Manager (PM).
o Not commenting on other work in the home, engaging in gossip about homeowners, other trades
and S&H Remodeling; if a serious defect is noticed, reporting it to a S&H Remodeling PM
o Immediately informing S&H Remodeling PM that all items have been completed.
o Calling S&H Remodeling PM’s attention to reoccurring items and suggesting alternative
methods/materials to eliminate them.
o Completing Non- Emergency warranty work orders within three business days and emergency
warranty work immediately unless other arrangements are made with the tenant and S&H
Remodeling’s PM is notified of the schedule.
o Emergency warranty work is defined when the home’s components are in jeopardy of further
damage or a safety concern is present to the tenant. S&H Remodeling’s PM will define when an
emergency is declared.
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