Courier and Express Package Delivery Service Miami
Count on Alacrity for speedy local courier services! Your professional Alacrity courier will pick up
and deliver your time-sensitive packages. You can have the confidence that your shipments will get
to their destination safely and on time, and you will be notified of the delivery and provided with
confirmation. Alacrity agents are ready to help you meet your deadlines, even when you have an
emergency delivery. We are the leading Courier Services Miami and Express Delivery Service
Alacrity Delivery courier service spans the range from court fillings, consulate business, and real
estate proceedings to time-sensitive logistics involving attorneys, architects, medical offices, freight
forwarders and much more! Our on-line service allows clients to enter orders, view proof of
delivery, and receive reports, estimates or invoices.
Cheap Rates
24/7 Fleet
Later Pull Times
Dependable Fleet
Personalized Customer Service
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