Class of 2021
Summer Reading Expectations
Reading during the summer…
What will you read?
That is your decision, but not books you already read in middle school. We have provided links to
recommended books from high school students and teachers across the country to help you with your
decision. However, you don’t have to choose from this list. You can choose any book. This summer, we
want you to read things that interest you; to explore careers, people, places, topics and ideas you’ve
wondered about; to have a great adventure.
How much should I read and when?
Read a minimum of two books of your choice (not books you read in middle school or last year) before you
return in the fall. The first full day back, you will be asked to submit the chart that is on the back of this
Then, in your 10
grade Language Arts class you will complete some sort of evaluation. This could be in the
form of a book talk, a one-pager, or a small project about your reading. These are generally related to
characters, conflicts, plot, and lessons learned. If you have any questions, please contact Secondary Literacy
Coordinator, Amy Keith-Wardlow, at
Builds Vocabulary Increases Reading Stamina
Models Quality
Sentence Structure
Improves Writing
Prevents a Decline in
Reading Level
Is Fun!
Places to go for reading recommendations
Overall Good Books:!.pdf
Top Picks for Guys:
Free Audiobooks:
Multicultural Books:
Student Name:__________________________ Student ID:________
Turn in to your LA 3 teacher on the first day of school
Book 1 Title:
Book 1 Author:
Book 2 Title:
Book 2 Author:
1. Complete a metacognitive log for EACH book (that is 2 logs total). Follow the directions below
1. Complete the following prompts in complete sentences. Neat handwriting, good grammar and punctuation
are expected.
2. Use the sentences starters listed below to help get you started.
3. Be honest about your reading experience; it will help your teacher assess where your strengths and
weaknesses are as a reader.
Sentence Starters:
While I was reading…
I felt confused when…and so I
I was distracted by…but then I
I started to think about…and so I
I got stuck when…What I did was
The time went quickly because…
I remember that earlier in the text…
A word/some words I did not know
I stopped because…What I did next was…
I lost track of everything except…
I figured out that
I first thought…but then realized…
I finally understood…because…
2. Set a reading goal for next year. Your goal can include reading a certain number of books, reading a certain
genre of book, exploring a certain author or authors, reading a certain number of minutes or hours per day or per week, or
any other reasonable and achievable goal. Then, detail how exactly you are going to reach that goal, include steps that
you are going to take, and also any help that you may need from your teacher.
My Reading Goal:
Step I will take to meet my goal: