GOCSD Beginning Teacher Support Specialist
Greater Ozarks Cooperating School Districts is seeking to fill the position of Beginning
Teacher Support Specialist who would design and deliver professional learning sessions for
beginning teachers, coach early career teachers, provide information to others, and
implement and maintain services within established guidelines and standards.
Essential Functions:
Assist with beginning teachers for the purpose of serving as a liaison and resource,
identifying training needs and/or delivering professional learning services for
Designs professional learning activities (e.g. classroom management, cooperative
learning and differentiated instruction related to the Beginning Teacher Assistance
Program, on-line course work, demonstration lessons, articles for Blog and
professional learning site, etc.) for the purpose of implementing professional learning
that address identified training needs.
Participate in meetings, workshops, trainings, and seminars for the purpose of
conveying and/or gathering information required to perform functions and increase
professional growth.
Research a variety of information (e.g. courses, materials, training consultants, state
mandated mentor/mentee program, etc.) for the purpose of developing new
programs that meet beginning teacher training needs.
The expectation is that the Beginning Teacher Support Specialist is to design and deliver a four-part series to the
four regions outlined within the GOCSD membership beginning with the 2019 2020 school year. The Beginning
Teacher Support Specialist will be compensated at the rate of $2,500 per region for a total of $10,000. GOCSD will
assume printing and materials cost.
To Apply:
Please submit your resume to GOCSD Executive Director, Dr. Dennis Cooper denniscooper@gocsdmo.org .