Timpview High School
3570 Timpview Drive, Provo, Utah
(801) 221-9720
Timpview Administration only: Approved_____ Denied_____
Dance Guest Pass Application
*Application must be reviewed and approved at least 3 days before the day of the dance*
Guest Pass Rules and Regulations:
Students must have the approved guest pass with them (receipt stapled to the pass) to enter the dance.
The guest must enter and leave the dance with the Timpview student who requested the pass.
Guests must be in 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade.
Guests must show a current student photo ID from their high school OR a drivers license.
Only one guest request per student is allowed.
Guests must adhere to all Timpview policies. The Timpview student requesting the guest pass is responsible for the
behavior and demeanor of the guest.
Timpview High School Administration retains the right to deny a guest pass.
Dance Regulations:
Students are to dress appropriately and in good taste for the theme of the dance.
Inappropriate, unsafe (acrobatics, moshing, etc.), sexually suggestive, lewd, or obscene dancing will not be tolerated.
Students who engage in inappropriate behavior or dancing will be removed form the dance and will lose dance
attendance privileges.
I understand that as a Timpview student, I am responsible for informing my guest of the rules and regulations
for Timpview dances, and that I am responsible for the behavior and demeanor of my guest.
Full name (print clearly) ______________________________ Best contact # _____________________
Grade: ______ Signature __________________________ Date _____________
Parent/Guardian name (print clearly) __________________________ Best contact # ___________________
I understand that my Timpview student will be taking a non-Timpview student to this dance, and that poor
behavior by my student or their guest can result in expulsion from dance and loss of dance attendance
Parent/Guardian Signature ____________________________ Date _______________
Full name (print clearly) ______________________________ Age______ Date of birth ___________
Name of high school _________________________________________
Parent/Guardian name (print clearly) __________________________ Best contact # ___________________
Parent/Guardian Signature ____________________________ Date _______________
Emergency Contact _____________________ Contact # _____________________
Guest’s signature ___________________________ Date ___________________
I understand that as a guest attending this Timpview High School dance, I am subject to Timpview School
administration and policies.
Administrator name (print clearly) _________________________
I acknowledge that the guest is eligible to attend dances/events at Timpview High School
Administrator signature ______________________________