- If you are hit by a live ball, you are out once that ball touches a dead object.
Dead objects consist of:
The floor
An inactive player
Another ball not in possession of you or another player
The ceiling
The wall
Netting. etc.
- You are out if you throw a ball that is caught (a catch).
- You may block a thrown ball with another ball and be safe.
- Your hand is a part of the ball while blocking.
- If you block a ball and the thrown ball hits you after bouncing off your blocker, it is still a
live ball and you are out once it hits a dead object.
- If you drop your blocker forcefully and do not re-establish control of your ball before it
hits a dead object, you are out. This is called a fumble.
- If you venture outside of your boundaries (except the center line during the opening
rush) you are out.
- You are not out until the ball that is attempting to get you out touches a dead object. This
also includes fumbles.
- Only one out per ball.
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