KickBall Rules
1. The game will be called by the Stay In Play contact. All judgment decisions are final.
Any excessive disagreements will result in an ejection from the game and/or league if
deemed necessary by Stay In Play staff. All players MUST be 21 years of age or older.
2. All kickers will get 4 legal rolls. A legal roll must be OF MODERATE SPEED (any
rolled ball of excess speed will be a re-rolled) between the inside lines of the kicker box.
Any roll that is not deemed legal will be re-rolled. No excessive Bouncies (Any rolled ball
that bounces from the ground between the pitching plate and home plate). ONLY
the play is dead, which will results in an out for the MALE Kicker, any base runners
must return to last base occupied.
3. A kicker with two strikes is allowed one foul ball (4th ball). Two fouls with two strikes,
the kicker is out.
4. To get an out, a defensive player may attempt to throw the ball at the base runner.
Should the ball make contact with the runner, for any reason while the runner is not on
the base the runner is out. Any contact above the shoulders will result in an automatic
5. All games are seven innings or 120 minutes (warm up time included). The last inning
will start 5-10 minutes to the hour. Stay In Play Staff will enforce this rule and will make
the call at the top of the final inning. Note: Due to differing circumstances in each and
every game, some games will finish short of the hour while others might run past the
hour. Please respect your Stay In Play Staff's call in this matter.
6. 9 players (at least 3 females) in the field at all times (THERE MUST BE AT LEAST
RULE. Stay In Play rules will allow a team to play with a minimum of 8 players (at least
2 females). If only 2 women are present at game time, they must kick twice within the
first 10 kickers.
7. Teams may kick more than 9 players; however, these teams must continue to kick
with the same guy, girl, guy, girl rotation, unless their opponent allows otherwise (i.e. in
the case of only 8 players). In situations where additional players wish to kick, the
line-up must continue to reflect the guy, girl, guy, girl rotation, even if some women
need to kick twice in the rotation. Maximum of 12 players.
8. Inning Run Limit Rule: There will be a 6 run limit per inning through innings 1-4.
(Exception: Unlimited runs may be scored if one of innings 1-4 is declared the final
inning of the game). Unlimited runs may be scored in innings 5-7 always. Game mercy
rule: 10 runs up after 5 complete innings.
9. No leadoffs or stealing. Runners can leave the base once the ball crosses the plane of
the plate or is hit kicked by the kicker. If a runner leaves early, the ball is dead and the
runner is declared out. If this is the 3rd out of the inning, the kicker will be first up in
the next inning.
10. Games start on time!!! Teams must be prepared to play. Forfeit Rule: 10 minutes
after game time. If one team has less than the minimum number of players (8 total w/ 2
females) at ten past the designated start time, it is up to the Stay In Play Staff and
opposing team as to what is allowable. The Stay In Play Staff member will ultimately
make this decision.
11. Stay In Play Staff will closely watch base runner to defensive player contact. Any
excessive contact or collision will result in an out and/or ejection. This includes contact
with the catcher. Sliding is allowed. Any sliding into a base to break up a double play, or
any intentional (in the eyes of the umpire) interference with the defensive player, the
runner and kicker/runner will be called out.
12. NO METAL SPIKES ARE ALLOWED. Any equipment in question should be
brought to the attention of the umpire. The umpire or Stay In Play Staff member will
make all final decisions with regard to equipment discrepancies.
13. A foul ball above the kicker's head may be caught for an out.
14. All thrown balls are deemed out of play when:
The ball is thrown over the fence
The ball is thrown beyond the fence (no complete fence)
The ball is thrown beyond the imaginary line (if there is no fence) extending from the
end of the backstop (*this imaginary line also applies to overthrows and caught foul
15. If the ball is overthrown and hits the fence behind the 1st or 3rd base lines, this is
NOT considered out of play and the runner may advance, BUT at his/her own risk. On
overthrows out of play, the runner is granted the base he/she is going to (at the point of
the throw) plus one more. Note: in cases where a base runner runs past first base,
he/she must make a clearly aggressive turn towards second base to be granted 2nd and
3rd in an overthrow
16. On an infield fly (any fly ball within the infield with significant arc and deemed an
"easy catch") with less than 2 outs and runners on 1st and 2nd or 1st, 2nd and 3rd, the
kicker is automatically out and runners can advance, BUT at their own risk.
17. All outfielders must remain behind the chalked and/or coned "outfield line" (if
applicable: consult with your umpire before your game to determine if this rule is
enforced at your particular league) when a female is up to Kick. If the "line" is not clearly
marked it is up to the umpire's discretion if an outfielder is too close to the infield. There
cannot be more than 7 players on the infield at any one time. Once contact with the ball
has been made the outfielders may cross the line. If an outfielder crosses the line before
contact has been made then the female may be awarded 1st base. When a female is
kicking any infielder (including but not limited to the pitcher) MUST REMAIN BEHIND
AN IMAGINARY LINE that runs (diagonally thru the infield) from 1st base to 3rd base.
The Penalty for this rule infraction will be a dead ball and the Kicker is awarded 1st base
and all subsequent runners will be award the next base if forced.
18. Waivers and Rosters will be used as acceptable player-team identification during
playoffs. All participants must present ID's during the playoff tournament in the event
of a roster check. All roster check requests must be made before the first pitch.