Bet Shalom Congregation
13613 Orchard Road
Minnetonka, Minnesota 55305
(952) 933-8525
Revised 7/19/18
Welcome to Bet Shalom Yeladim!
This handbook is intended to serve two purposes:
To provide useful information for parents
To provide additional information that is required by our licensor
Section 1 General Information
Services 3
Licensing 3
Staff and Teacher Qualifications 3
Staff/Child Ratios 3
Confidentiality 4
Mission Statement 4
Philosophy 4
Curriculum 4
Parent Conferences 6
Child Care Plan 6
Inclusion 6
Non-Discrimination Policy 6
Bet Shalom Congregation Membership 6
Holidays and Vacations 6
School Closings 7
Arrival and Dismissal 7
Lost and Found 8
Section 2 Program Information
Adjustment to School 8
Ages 8
Attendance 8
Calendar 9
Communication 9
School Supplies 9
Breakfast and Lunch 10
Bag Breakfast Recommendations from USDA 10
Bag Lunch Recommendations from USDA 11
Snacks at School 11
Clothing for School 12
Cubbies 12
Learning Environment 12
Learning Stations 12
Outdoor Play 12
Screen Time 13
Toileting 13
Nap Policy for Infants 14
Nap Policy for Toddlers and Preschoolers 15
Guidance and Discipline 15
Biting 18
Nurturing Policy 18
Shabbat 19
Challah Program 19
Tzedakah 19
Parents as Partners 19
Outside Services 20
Birthday Celebrations 20
School Celebrations 20
Field Trips 20
Pets 20
School Pictures 20
Research and Public Relations 20
Special Information from Home 21
Visitors/Volunteers 21
Toys from Home 21
Private Babysitting 21
Section 3 Admission/Enrollment
New Students 22
Waitlist Policies 22
Continuing Families 22
Movement Between Classrooms 22
Enrollment Forms 22
Termination of Enrollment 23
Section 4 Health, Safety, and Medical Information
Health Consultant 23
First Aid/CPR/SBS 23
Emergency Procedures 23
Accidents 24
Handling and Disposal of Bodily Fluids 25
Children’s Health Care Records 25
Allergies/Health Issues 25
Medication 25
Emergency Medication 26
Immunization Forms 26
Inadequately Immunized Children 27
Ill Children 27
Ill Children at School 28
Handwashing 28
Sunscreen 28
Missing Child Policy 28
Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting 29
Alcohol and Drug Policies for Staff 30
Section 5 Grievance and Accounting Information
Tuition Billing 30
Cancellation/Refund Policy 30
Vacations and Holidays 30
Parent Concerns 30
Grievance Policy for Parents 31
Annual Review 31
Child Care Emergency Plan 32
Section 1 General Information
Location: Bet Shalom Congregation
Address: 13613 Orchard Road
City, State, Zip: Minnetonka, MN 55305
Ages of Children Served: 6 weeks thru Pre-K
Licensing Capacity: 52
Days of Operation: Monday through Friday
Hours of Operation: 7:00am – 6:00pm Monday-Thursday
7:00am – 5:00pm Friday
Program Hours: Full day or half day of 9:00am-1:00pm
Program Options: 2, 3, 4 or 5 days as long as there is an age appropriate class
Children in our half day program can sign up for extra care hours.
Bet Shalom Yeladim’s Director, Amber Brumbaugh, can always be reached via the following ways:
Phone: 952.426.6652
Bet Shalom Yeladim is licensed and registered in the state of Minnesota as a religiously exempt
preschool. The preschool is currently licensed for 9 infants, 14 toddlers and 29 preschool to pre-k age
children with an eventual capacity to serve up to 52 students. If you have any questions regarding the
licensing you may call DHS Licensing at (651)431-6500. The license number for Bet Shalom Yeladim is
Staff and Teacher Qualifications
The staff is hired and evaluated by Bet Shalom Yeladim’s Director. All hired staff meets the licensing
requirements outlined by the Department of Health and Human Services for Rule 3 child care licensed
All members of the Bet Shalom Yeladim staff are trained early childhood professionals. All teachers have
completed training in child development and early Jewish education. The assistant teacher may have
similar credentials. Each staff member is trained in CPR, pediatric first aid every two years and abusive
head trauma every year. Staff members meet or exceed licensing requirements for their position.
Staff/Child Ratios
All of our classrooms are staffed in accordance with Minnesota’s Department of Human Services Child
Care Center Statutes and Rules. According to section 9503.0040 the child to staff ratios are as follows:
Age Category
Minimum Staff: Child Ratio
Maximum Group Size
It is always our goal to staff our classrooms and extra care under the required ratio.
Each staff member signs a confidentiality guideline stating that information discussed between a teacher
and assistant or other program personnel regarding a specific child is confidential.
Mission Statement
Bet Shalom Yeladim provides an excellent educational experience for young children six weeks to five
years of age through Jewish values, literacy, mathematics, and science to prepare them for Kindergarten
and a lifetime of educational development. Professional teachers and rabbis welcome children of
diverse backgrounds into the Bet Shalom family of friends.
Your child benefits from daily rabbinic involvement, small class sizes, and qualified teachers in a program
strong in kindergarten preparedness and formation of Jewish identity.
At Bet Shalom Yeladim Preschool, children explore and develop natural curiosity through play and
hands-on experiences. These experiences are carefully designed to develop large and small muscle
coordination, language, scientific and mathematical concepts, a sense of independence and positive
self-esteem. Children are encouraged to work in groups and as individuals to solve problems creatively
and respectfully.
Families have a variety of options for scheduling, toilet training, and enrichment opportunities so that
Bet Shalom Yeladim becomes an extension of their family’s culture and dynamics. At the same time,
they receive information on health and development that enhances their unique parenting style.
The curriculum is child-centered with developmentally appropriate activities and practices. Through
careful observation of children within the classroom setting and actively using their ideas and interests
to help plan, the curriculum themes become a collaborative effort.
Judaism is interwoven throughout the year in all curricular areas. The goal is to nurture in each child a
strong identity, love of learning and love for Judaism. Your child will grow and develop emotionally,
cognitively, socially and spiritually.
Curricular areas engaged in with each child may include but are not limited to:
Self-expression, experimentation with various types of art media (coloring, drawing, molding,
sculpting, mixing, painting), awareness and appreciation of sensory experiences
Dramatic Play
Encouraging imagination using dress-up clothes and accessories, toy vehicles, housekeeping
center, puppets, etc.
Fine Motor Skills
Cutting, molding, rolling, tearing, folding, sewing, threading, tracing, drawing, painting, puzzles,
stacking, construction toys, building blocks, writing
Gross Motor Skills
Walking, skipping, jumping, climbing, hopping, bouncing, throwing, catching, riding, rhythmic
body movements, following and using directional concepts such as stop/go, up/down, high/low,
in/out, over/under, forward/backward
Listening to teachers, listening to peers, taking turns, friendship, engaging in cooperative play,
showing concern for others, kindness, assertiveness with peers, expressing needs to teacher and
adults, using problem solving skills, respecting the rights and property of others, sharing and
Sorting, counting, classifying, identifying, number recognition, shape recognition, one-to-one
correspondence, simple addition and subtraction, sequencing, money, telling time, time
concepts such as today, tomorrow and yesterday, comparison of sizes and shapes, parts and
wholes, measuring, quantitative concepts such as tall/short, little/big, colors, shapes and sizes
Singing, musical games, games to introduce concepts of rhythm/tonal patterns, puppet play,
instrument exploration, marching band, movement to music and instructions, dancing to
promote spatial concepts and body awareness, listening to different sounds, learning songs,
Jewish songs, transition activity songs
Reading Readiness
Listening, telling stories, retelling stories, visual identification, identifying consonant and
alphabet sounds, identification of designs, pictures, letters and engagement in a print rich
Nature, seasons, weather, shadows, the body, nutrition, plants, animals, cooking, gardening, the
five senses, water play, measurement, concepts such as sinking/floating
Self Help, Hygiene and Safety
Dressing and undressing self and dolls (buttoning, snapping, zipping, tying shoes), independence
in the restroom, washing hands before meals and after using the restroom, cleaning up toys and
spills, expressing when feeling ill, wiping own nose, covering mouth when coughing or sneezing,
knowing first and last name, beginning to learn own address and phone number
Sensory Motor Integration
Engaging with materials such as sand, water, sandpaper, rice, seeds, pasta, clay, etc.
Social Studies
Self-awareness, awareness of family members, family events, peer relationships, friendship,
community, American Holidays such as Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, Martin Luther King Day,
President’s Day, (see HOLIDAYS AND VACATIONS)
Speech and Language
Finger plays, stories, puppet plays, listening to and learning rhymes and poems, sharing in the
classroom, casual communication with peers and staff, articulating the alphabet, describing
personal artwork, creating stories, telling stories, pretending in dress-up center
Parent Conferences
We schedule two formal parent conferences during the year. Parents may wish to schedule an intake
conference for those children who are new to the program. A written assessment of each child’s
intellectual, social/emotional and overall development will be reviewed. The first conference will take
place in late fall. The purpose of this conference is to establish a dialogue of communication between
home and school as well as to review your child’s transition to school. The second conference is
scheduled in early spring. Parents and/or Teachers may feel free to schedule conferences at additional
times as needed.
Child Care Plan
Parents may review the CHILD CARE PLAN
at anytime by visiting with the Director. It is always located in
the Director’s office.
Bet Shalom Yeladim accommodates children with special needs to the best of its ability. As a
congregation and a preschool, we strive to be as inclusive as possible of all preschool children with
disabilities who wish to join us as learners. We will work with each family to offer support and resources
within the community in order to better serve children with unique needs.
As a child care provider, we continually monitor the development of all children in our care through
ongoing observation and recording. We want the best outcomes for all children. Child care providers are
considered a primary referral source for early intervention under federal IDEA special education law. We
are required to refer a child in our program who has been identified as having developmental concerns
or a risk factor that warrants a referral as soon as possible, but in no case more than seven days after
the identification. While this is a mandate, we want to keep open communication with parents and
caregivers about their child and any concerns we have before a referral is made. We can assist the
parent with the referral or partner with them in the referral process.
Children of all faiths will be welcomed into our school with the understanding that only Jewish and
American holidays are celebrated. As a part of our Jewish heritage, we celebrate Jewish holidays and
Shabbat with songs, stories, special foods and traditions. We incorporate Jewish values into our
curriculum throughout the year.
Non-Discrimination Policy
Bet Shalom Yeladim Preschool shall admit students of any race, color, religion, national and ethnic origin
to all rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students of the
school. Bet Shalom Yeladim Preschool does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sexual
orientation and national or ethnic origin in the administration of its religious, educational, administrative
Bet Shalom Congregation Membership
Although open to non-members, Bet Shalom Yeladim exists first as a service to member families of Bet
Shalom Congregation. In order to receive Member Rates,
the prospective applicant family needs to be
members in good standing at Bet Shalom Congregation.
Holidays and Vacations
Bet Shalom Yeladim Preschool will be closed on all dates noted on the year-long calendar. Please mark
your calendars and make alternate child care plans as necessary.
Bet Shalom Yeladim Preschool celebrates the following Jewish holidays: Shabbat, Rosh Hashanah, Yom
Kippur, Sukkot, Simchat Torah, Chanukah, Tu B'shevat, Purim, Passover and Shavuot. The following
American holidays are celebrated: Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day and Independence Day.
School Closings
Inclement Weather
In the event of a severe weather during the preschool hours, parents will be called and asked to pick up
their children early. Bet Shalom Yeladim follows the Hopkins School district for early closing. If Hopkins
Schools close early or cancel afternoon activities, it is likely that Bet Shalom Yeladim will close early as
In the event of severe weather before school hours, Bet Shalom Yeladim follows the Hopkins School
district. If Hopkins Schools are closed it is likely that Bet Shalom Yeladim will be closed as well. Bet
Shalom Yeladim’s Director and Bet Shalom’s Executive Director will make the decision by 6am. During all
inclement weather children will be kept inside and staff will remain with them until everyone is picked
Utility Failure
In the event of a power failure, the school may need to close but would attempt to use other parts of
the building first. If the power failure is prolonged, parents will be notified to pick up children and the
school would close. Should the power outage last longer than one day, Bet Shalom will work closely with
the city to ensure a plan is in place to restore the power. Should the power not be restored by 5pm CST,
school will not take place the next day. If the power is restored before 5pm CST school will resume the
following day. Bet Shalom Yeladim’s Director will be in constant contact with families to ensure the
situation is being taken care of.
Arrival and Dismissal
When you bring your child or carpool to Bet Shalom Yeladim, you must accompany your child into the
building. As you enter the building, do not leave any child in a classroom until a staff member has seen
him/her. When picking up children, please follow the same procedure. You must sign your child out on
the sign in/out sheet, clearly indicating the time you are leaving the building (if you enter the building
at 12:45 but do not take your child from his classroom until 12:55, you should write 12:55). Once you
have picked up your children, their supervision is your responsibility. Please do not let siblings (of any
age) roam or allow children to leave the building without an adult or to run in the parking lot.
If someone other than a parent or designated carpool driver is picking up your child, you must
communicate this change in writing (handwritten and signed note or email) and make sure the Director
and/or classroom Teachers receive the note. That person will be asked to show photo ID before your
child is released to him/her.
If for some reason your child will not be attending on any particular day due to illness or otherwise,
please call the office or classroom by 9:30am to let a Teacher know.
Should you need to pick your child up early please send a note to the Teacher advising him/her of the
change. Parents are requested to come into the school to sign their child out. No student may leave the
building during the day unescorted.
It is important that each child be picked up on time at the end of the school day. This enables the school
to run efficiently, maintain proper child-adult ratios, and offers respect to the teaching staff to leave on
time. If for any reason you may be delayed, please call or email the preschool. If a child is not picked up
within one hour
of school closing and all emergency numbers have been called, the school is then
obligated to call the police. The police will then pick up the child and notify the Child Protection Agency.
The fees for late pick-up will be as follows:
0-5 minutes Grace Period
5-10 minutes $2.00 per minute
10+ minutes $5.00 per minute
Lost and Found
Please mark all clothing and items with your child’s name. Any articles left will be placed in a lost and
found box in the office. Items left for a month or more may be donated to a family shelter.
Section 2 Program Information
Adjustment to School
It is normal for a child to have some fears and misgivings about separating from parents. Children, like
adults, need adjustment time to get used to new situations. Parents are asked to try and prepare
children for the changes in advance. Talk about the new people and friends each child will meet and the
new things that will be done. A positive and enthusiastic parent helps a child become positive and
enthusiastic as well.
If this is a first experience for separation from a parent, it is natural for him/her to be hesitant. A
cheerful goodbye hug and kiss, a smile and a reassuring word that you will return in a few hours is all a
parent needs to do. Some children will cry when the parent leaves but most will settle down within a
few minutes after the parent leaves.
Children attending Bet Shalom Yeladim are categorized by age in any combination as follows:
Infant: 6 weeks to 16 months
Young Toddler: 16-21 months
Toddler: 22-36 months
Preschool: 33 months by September 1st
Pre-K: four years old by September 1st
Children may remain in the program until their first day of attending public school. Licensing allows a
two-month variance in age groupings.
Attending school on a regular basis will give your child the structure and life predictability that they
need. Regular attendance will also allow your child to not only feel safe and secure at school but will also
allow for optimum learning and growing. We highly encourage consistent attendance.
If your child is going to be absent, please call and notify the school. You may leave a message for the
Director in her voice mailbox. Please report illnesses immediately to the Director or Teacher so we can
notify parents of the presence of a contagious disease.
A yearly calendar featuring important school dates will be available for each family. Please contact the
school Director for access to the Google Document.
Clear and consistent communication is a key part of Bet Shalom Yeladim. We will always aim to answer
your questions and concerns as quickly as possible. The school Director and school teachers will answer
all emails within 24 hours upon receipt.
Toddler Daily Reports
For children 16-33 months Daily Reports will be filled out through Daily Connect. This program can be
utilized through your web browser for free. You can also pay a one time fee of $4.99 to purchase the
app for your Android or iPhone. This software allows us to electronically track your child’s food intake,
elimination, sleeping patterns, general behavior and/or special needs. When your child enrolls, we
create a specific profile for them through Daily Connect and attach it to the email address you have
provided for us. Simply visit their website and create an account with the same email address and the
two accounts will be linked.
Weekly Curriculum
Each month classroom Teachers will develop, in conjunction with the monthly theme, Teacher directed
curriculum. Curriculum will be posted outside each classroom on or before the first day of the week.
They are intended to provide information on what the children will be learning throughout the week.
Classroom Weekly Notes
Each classroom Teacher is required to provide a weekly note each week. This weekly note will be on our
website, and may feature two to three questions pertaining to what the children
did that day. These questions are intended to provide a conversation starter for parents so they can
engage their children in conversation about happenings at school.
Weekly Updates
Bet Shalom Yeladim’s Director will send out a Weekly Update email to all Bet Shalom Yeladim families.
These emails will highlight what happened that week at school in all classrooms. They will also provide
reminders of school dates, closings and school events.
School Supplies
All children should have a backpack /book bag for daily use. The backpack should be large enough to
hold all the necessary items that will go to and from school including lunch bags. Please clearly print the
name of your child on the outside of the bag.
A supply fee will be collected for each child to purchase supplies for the classroom. These supplies will
include or exceed the following items:
an art smock
box of tissues
3 glue sticks
1 bottle glue
1 package large non permanent/washable markers
a box of ziploc bags
The fee will be prorated to children registering later in the school year.